China’s Internet Demographics

Smart Mobs quotes a study from CNNIC in The People’s Daily:

The survey has found that China ranks the second in the world in terms of the number of netizens and those surfing on the Internet through broadband which is the main access to Internet for Chinese netizens.The Chinese mainland has the world third largest number of IP addresses”.The Internet “is more popular among well-educated young males who make good money than in any other groups.9.7 percent of males log on line while 7.3 percent of females do.28.6 percent of the younger generation between 18 to 24 years old,which accounts for 10 percent of the nation’s total,surf on the Internet”.It also found a “considerable gap between urban and rural areas in Internet spread-out.The 19.3 million rural netizens represents 2.6 percent of the rural population while 16.9 percent of urban residents,or nearly 92 million,are Internet users.The similar gap can also be seen between the east and the mid-west.13 percent of Chinese living in the east use Internet,which doubles the figure in the mid-west.Chinese netizens spend 15.9 hours a week on average,an increase by 2.7 hours year-on-year.Experts view that as an main trend that the Internet has an increasing influence on people’s daily life.

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