Google News Flaws

Phil Sim writes:

The fundamental flaw with Google News is that its based primarily on clustering, not ranking. Its ability to rate a story is limited to analysing how many times a particular story is reported. So it has enough intelligence to pick out the most reported story. Woop-de-doop. Thats equates to almost zero value add because by the time a story makes it to prominence on Google News, its already been reported by every man and its dog and subsequently Google News can only ever be a follower. Can you imagine a newspaper editor saying Ive got this really great concept. Were going to concentrate on reporting all the news, that everybody else has already reported!

At best, the Google News news pages serves a purpose as a backup source, enabling a reader to ensure they havent missed any big news stories. Again, theres that journal of record aspect.

The other related flaw with Google News is it has no ability to rate stories within a cluster. So where memeorandum gains the intelligence of ranking stories in a thread, by looking at the number of links a post receives, Google News has no such intelligence.

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Rajesh Jain

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