Future Wireless Devices

Shawn Lippert writes: “The Personal Mobile Communication devices of the future will thrive with platforms that can support many applications. One application is Symbian OS that you find on most Smart Phones and new PDA’s. Opera also makes a browser that looks like a windows browser with easy to use menus. What is going to be great about these wireless and Mobile devices is the integration and support of services. These services are going to include personal streaming radio, TV on demand, News bursts, Customized Search with pictures, links, and optional preferences that let you link to an all in one account for all you Needs that would include E-Wallet, E-Mail, and a Portable phone number that you can take from one device to another. However this phone number will change to VOIP as it catches on. Wireless and Mobile devices of the future will integrate GPS features with information services.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.