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If Im looking for something: news, sports, product information weather, travel directions or whatever on my mobile device, I want to search the Mobile Web first. Why, because I know that any halfway decent purpose-built mobile page is going to be far more usable on the phone than the best transcoded desktop page. Searching the big web is a last-resort, a fallback if I cant find what I want on the Mobile Web. I dont use web search on my phone that much because I usually find what I need on the Mobile Web. Only Google has got it right, on their mobile search page they give you the choice of searching the Web or the Mobile Web from the same form with the same query. If one doesnt give you what you want you can try the other. Mobile Web Search that doesnt search the actual Mobile Web is less than half a solution to the mobile search problem.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.