Interface Innovation

MediaPost writes about designer Dale Herigstad:

While many media professionals think about media in terms of time and space, Herigstad has begun thinking of it in terms of linear feet. The 1-foot screen (handhelds such as an iPod or a video cell phone); the 2-foot screen (the PC); the 10-foot screen (the huge flat-screen TV in the living room); the 25-foot screen (place-based media like signs and billboards); and the 200-foot screen (digital outdoor billboards and wallscapes).

“The whole conversation about broadband and Internet TV is really the ‘2-foot experience,’ which will perhaps be transitory in the future,” predicts Herigstad, who believes new digital media centers, such as Microsoft’s Windows Media Center, will ultimately ensure that the “10-foot” screen remains the primary way people interface with video content.

The biggest mistake the media industry and Madison Avenue make when they think about media design, Herigstad maintains, is looking at the experience through their own eyes, as opposed to consumers’.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.