VoIP: Market Expansion

Om Malik writes that VoIP is more than just for making cheap calls.

I saw an interesting little app recently, a conferencing calling tool by vApps, that turns Skype into a full blown conference call system, working seamlessly with the old world telephony. A lot of other new tools have started to emerge – Salesforce and Zimbra for example are simply integrating Skype into their apps. I hope they turn to SIP and make the calling even more seamless.

There are more applications which are on the horizon. Take Mabber as an example. Or Tello, which could possibly be able to connect large corporations with their partners directly over the Internet and thus bypassing the PSTN. There are so many more experiments waiting to happen. I sincerely hope someone takes a crack at building Mac-VoIP apps. Wouldnt it be cool if someone wrote a plugin for Apple Address Book, where a click could route the call over say, Gizmo Project soft-phone.

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Rajesh Jain

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