Mobile Web 2.0 Service Example

Ajit Jaokar elaborates on a specific example as part of his ongoing series:

The service we are considering here is a mobile version of a combination of and flickr

As you probably know, both and flickr are based on tags. However, note that in a mobile context, a tag would have a different meaning to the term on the web. People do not like to enter a lot of information on a mobile device. Thus, a tag in a mobile sense, would be explicit information entered by the user(i.e. a web tag) but more importantly information captured implicitly when the image was captured(for example the users location).

The service would enable you to
a) Search related images and get more information about a camera phone image using historical analysis of metadata (including tags) from other users. This bit works like i.e. searching via tags BUT with a mobile element because the tag could include many data elements that are unique to mobility(such as location)
b) Share your images with others (either nominated friends or the general public similar to flickr but as a mobile service)

From a user perspective, the user would be able to
a) Capture an image using a camera phone alongwith metadata related to that image
b) Gain more information about that image from an analysis of historical data (either a missing element in the image or identifying the image itself)
c) Search related images based on tags
d) Share her image with others either nominated friends or the general public

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