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The New York Times has a profile of the author of “Blink” and “The Tipping Point.”

With a writerly verve and strong narrative powers, he leavens serious social science research with zany characters and pithy, easily digestible anecdotes. Gladwell selects his anecdotes from a wide range of sources the military, business, food, music, romance and diverse locales, a tactic that broadens his books’ appeal.

Although pitched as descriptive, Gladwell’s books are essentially prescriptive. Trust your instincts! You too may be (or can become) a connector, maven or salesman! Gladwell’s dazzling arguments ultimately offer reassurance. Indeed, he seems a contemporary incarnation of a recurring figure in the American experience, one who comes with encouraging news: You can make a difference, you have the capacity to change. Gladwell may be the Dale Carnegie, or perhaps the Norman Vincent Peale, of the iPod generation.

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