The Sync Challenge

Ted Schadler writes:

I’ve seen the future, and its name is sync. The company that can synchronize everything in my little digital universe — photos, songs, contacts, bookmarks, blog posts — on my PC, phone, and any other device I happen to throw at you, will win my heart forever. After all, it frustrates me to tears that my Outlook contacts don’t immediately show up on my phone or in my Gmail account. And that my high-alert emails don’t come as text messages to my phone. And that my high-res phone photos remain trapped on my sweet RAZR V3c’s tiny screen. I know that I’m not the only one — Forrester’s research shows that 53% of online consumers share photos via email and 15% of mobile phone owners send or receive emails on their phone.

Maybe that’s about to change. Today, two sync startups demoed at DEMO: Vizrea and Sharpcast. Both firms offer a photo synchronization service that let me get pictures from my PC to my Phone to a Web Site and back again (oh, and a whole lot more, too — check out their Web sites to get the details). To do this seemingly simple thing, both companies have invested heavily in synchronization servers and software. And therein lies both the problem and the opportunity.

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Rajesh Jain

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