Mobile Device Companies That Get It

Michael Mace writes:

I should explain what I mean by “get it.” I think that a truly effective smart mobile device must be both focused and integrated. By focused, I mean that it must first and foremost solve one particular problem for a particular type of user. Kitchen sink products that try to be everything for everyone sell to enthusiasts but no one else. The companies that get it specialize in leaving out features that aren’t essential to the core product.

By integrated, I mean that the product must combine hardware and software (and in some cases wireless services) seamlessly to produce a product that just works. People usually tend to use mobile devices in short spurts while they are on the go. This makes them very intolerant of even small usability problems that might be overlooked on a PC. If the user must hassle with configuration, or if the user experience isn’t dead simple, you’re back to selling to the enthusiasts.

His picks: Nintendo, Apple, RIM, Palm and Danger.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.