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Veer Bothra writes about what the Indian Economic Survey had to say:

The year also witnessed increasing gap between the urban and the rural teledensity. At the close of the year, while urban teledensity stood at around 33%, rural teledensity was a low 2%. India currently has a telecom subscriber base of 126 m, including 78 m mobile subscribers and 48 m fixed line subscribers, with an over penetration level of 11.3%.

The economic survey states that the increasing penetration of mobile phones has been brought about by rising income levels, increasing need to be on the move, and of course, from the service providers side, the lowering capital costs of establishing a mobile telephony network. The economy survey indicates that by the end of 2007, Indians telecom base has the potential to cross 250 m.

My take: we need read broadband – fast!

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