Ether and Edgeio

Dan Farber writes: “Ether is a division Ingenio (also, which developed pay-per-call over the Web technology. Ether provide sellers with a unique phone number, payment services (credit card for now) and appointment scheduling. Sellers embed the Ether service on their blogs, business card, radio show or Web sites and can charge by the minute, hour, etc for their services pr productsfrom computer help and pyschotherapy to podcasts and photos. Edgeio aggregates listings for products and services from blogs and other Web pages. Here’s the mashup: post listings for services delivered over the phone on your blog, Edgeio aggregates them. On blog pages and Edgeio listing pages, Ether’s phone service and pay-per-call time billing service is embedded. More frictionless commerce”

Nicholas Carr offers an another view on Edgeio.

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Rajesh Jain

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