Fixed-Mobile Convergence?

Tomi Ahonen writes:

…the concept of Fixed-Mobile Convergence…is a bit like running after a train. The mobile telecoms industry ran past the fixed one. It no longer really cares too much about trying to converge with the dying breed, that of fixed telecoms. But it is the fixed telecoms side which is near-desperate to find fixed-mobile convergence, as a lifeline. BT wants the Fusion (formerly Bluephone) to work. BT made a big blunder selling off its GSM/3G operation, O2, and is now desperate to get back into mobile, through this and the MVNO deal with Vodafone.

But why would a Vodafone or any other mobile operator really care to attempt to converge – with fixed. They can pursue convergence with the internet, and convergence with the media/TV, etc. But fixed-mobile? it is not convergence, it is pretending. “Fixed Mobile Pretendence” if you will.

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Rajesh Jain

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