World Wide Event Web

Ramesh Jain elaborates on the themes we are building on in SEraja:

Visualize a web in which each node represents an event. This event could be an old event, may be live at this time, or a future event. Also, this event is not only someones description of the event or some statistics related to it. It is the event, brought to you by one or more cameras, microphones, infrared sensors, or any other technology that lets you experience the event. Of course it could also be text reports or previews of the event. For each event, all the data and information from sensors, documents, and other sources is united and available to the user independent of the media. The user then experiences the preferred parts of a particular event in the preferred medium.

In this vision, following true Web philosophy, all events are treated equally. The archived video of a News event, such as President Bush announcing the start of the War against Terror, is accessible in the same way as your sons first soccer game. The source can be anything from CNN to a local elementary school in Tibuktu whatever or whoever generates an event and considers it worth hosting on the Web will be able to do that. We believe that this EventWeb will be of great interest to current web users for many applications. Many sporting events, meetings, lectures, concerts, and numerous other events that are currently captured using only a few photos and sparse text pages, will use rich media and provide rich experience to users. If you see how fast poscasting is progressing, then you know that the mobile camera is likely to become a rich source of eventcasting in a few years. We see the beginning of this vision already. Sensors are now being connected to form networks for various Internet applications. And Webcams are putting live experiences from a sushi bar in San Francisco to an ant colony in Lansing, Michigan. In short, we are witnessing the beginnings of the EventWeb, just as about a decade ago we saw the DocumentWeb emerge.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.