Microcontent Design

Richard MacManus writes:

Microcontent design involves: microchunking your content, taking advantage of open standards, employing microformats, letting users subscribe to all kinds of RSS feeds, freeing your content via APIs and other means, designing for re-use of information, monetizing it, and more.

Structured Blogging is a set of formats and plugins that enable blogs to publish different kinds of information – like events, reviews and classified ads – in a ‘structured’ format, so that aggregators can pick up the data from all over the Web.

Its that re-use of blog content via aggregation that will be where the real value lies in Structured Blogging. As of writing there are no Structured Blogging aggregators available, but a hint at the value that it could provide in future is the independent company edgeio which was launched in February 2006. Sellers can get their data listed on edgeios website, simply by posting an item to sell on their own weblog and tagging it listings. Buyers are able to search and find goods and services at the edgeio website. How it works is that edgeio aggregates goods and services data by scanning over 25 million RSS feeds, looking for the tag “listings”.

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