Newspapers in the New World

Tom Foremski writes:

Newspapers need to get away from thinking that their distribution mechanism (newsprint) defines them. The distinction between print and online has to go away.

News organizations should see themselves as content creators. Print and electronic media are the distribution channels for their news content.

And there is no sense in locking up the content by asking readers to pay for it because we live in a world that is one big scramble for attention. We’ve realized that in a world with 500 cable channels, a gazillion Internet channels (web sites) and our families, friends, boss, colleagues, (and our internal) clamor for our attention is huge.

That is why if I can get two minutes of your daily attention on Silicon Valley Watcher that is great. But there is a responsibility here. Attention is a scarce resource that is why I feel a responsibility to provide something of value because I am taking time away from your family, friends, boss, etc–all these very important people in your life.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.