TECH TALK: Father to Son: Your Mom and You

Dear Abhishek,

There are memories aplenty. What a year it has been. It has been your mummy who has nurtured you every minute of that year. Shes given up everything so she can always be with you. It is like time has stood still for her in the world outside. The months before you were born had been difficult she had morning sickness through her pregnancy. The first couple months after your birth were also not easy given the trouble you had feeding and sleeping. But all that is now a distant memory. You wake up in the morning and look around for your mother and even call out to her loud if you do not find her. Your best smiles and laughter are reserved for your mother. Even when you are playing on your own (which you do a lot of), every once in a while youll ask for your mom. It has been fascinating watching the mother-child relationship develop.

Your mother means everything to you. Shes always around you. Except perhaps that one night when she sneaked out with my aunt and saw the only movie shes seen in the past 18 months Pride and Prejudice. (I learnt later that it was her favourite book when she was younger. And I hadnt read it yet!) Watching your mother care for you and now teach you things is such a joy. She waited long for this, and went through a lot of pain and emotional downs before you were born. The last year has consigned all those earlier memories to faraway corners of the mind as she and you have built an incredible bond.

There are times when I envy her. She gets to be with you all day! But then when I see what you make her do all day, there are times when I am just glad to be in the office! You take half an hour to eat your breakfast, an hour to eat your lunch, then another half-hour to navigate through a late afternoon snack, and finally another hour for dinner. Shes incredibly patient and determined. She will follow you from one room to the other and make sure you eat every bite of the roti and rice. It is like a daily triumph for her to see an empty plate and your full tummy. I guess you too enjoy the game now.

Your mom hasnt had uninterrupted sleep for more than a few hours at any time in the past year. I guess all moms go through this. Even when you move at night, shes there to pat you back to sleep. (I have to admit here that I have slept well almost all the nights and have to be woken up by your mom in case I am needed!)

You are the twinkle in your moms eyes. And as you grow up, dont you ever forget the first year and what your mother has done for you. When we grow up, the first few years are not necessarily what we remember. I want to make sure you never ever forget that it was your mom who has been with you and made you into what you now are a healthy, bright, smiling one-year-old.

Tomorrow: You and Me

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