China View

Brad Feld has a post from “a close friend of mine is spending a year traveling around with world with his wife and 11 year old daughter.”

China is wild – definitely glad I came so I never have to come back.

It is so polluted in the air that I feel like I’m sucking on an exhaust pipe while in a middle of a sand storm. Beijing gets these sand storms off the gobi since all the forests have been cut down and everything is covered in a layer of dust that just won’t go away – add in coal burning power plants, no emissions on cars and 15 million people and you simply can’t breathe. So after 4 days in the capital we went to Xi’an (the ancient capital now 5.4 million people) and its just the same – you can’t tell if its day or night – it’s almost comical, but sad.

Prices are at both extremes – for western brand stuff in legitimate stores its 40% more than the states – everywhere else its cheaper (and there is no shame in selling whatever brand will make them money). I think communism works well for the Chinese – there are so many people if they had too much freedom I’m sure there would be greater civil unrest.

Hey 1.3 billion people can do a lot of stuff – but you’ve got to take care of 1.3 billion people and that’s not gonna be easy – I don’t think China has it in the bag to dominate the global economy in 50 years – plus they might have a peasant revolt in the meantime…

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