Mobile Content Subscriptions

Televisionpoint writes:

To streamline revenues and plan better content rollout, mobile content providers and operators are planning to offer high-end content like chat, games and comics on a subscription basis. Operators such as Hutch and Reliance Infocomm are understood to be working on rolling out subscription-based premium content in the next few weeks.

“Subscription-based services have become the need of the hour. While it provides customers the option to subscribe for any piece of content on a monthly basis for a certain amount, it helps the operators and content providers to plan their revenues and roll out their content better without hoping for the consumers to download,” says Rajiv Hiranandani, Country Head, Mobile2Win (M2W).

“Secondly, subscription-based value-added services (VAS) also works, as it is easy and streamlined instead of downloading every month,” he adds.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.