New Models

Ross Mayfield blogs a talk given by Tim O’Reilly:

The PC is no longer the only access device for internet applciations, and applications that are limited to a single devcice are less valuable than those that are connected. We have a lot to learn from iTunes, a three tier app from handheld to cloud to pc as control station. (personally, I think iTunes could learn a little from the Cornucopia).

Data is the next “Intel inside” where applications are increasingly data-driven. Therefore, owning a unique, hard to recreate, data set gives you leverage. Navteq as the data inside for Mapping, Digital Globe for satellite data, Gracenote for music applications, NSI for the registry monopoly (a lock point for value, despite Esther’s efforts with ICANN). 1 Billion songs in a proprietary file format.

A platform beats an application.

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