Power Lines for Networking

The New York Times writes:

A version for power lines called HomePlug came out in 2002, and while it hardly affected sales of wireless network equipment, it sold enough that major companies like Intel, Cisco, Sony, Sharp and Comcast created the HomePlug Alliance to push for next-generation products, with the first to come out later this year.

Some companies are not waiting. Panasonic, Netgear and Marantz are already offering products that will move data through home electrical lines faster than routers using the current Wi-Fi standard for wireless networking, 802.11g.

Within about 18 months, cable companies may start offering set-top boxes with networking abilities over power lines. Computer makers, as well as television and DVD makers, will do the same. At that point, all a consumer will have to do is stick the power plug into the wall and the data will come racing down the wires with the electricity.

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Rajesh Jain

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