Future Phones

The Seattle Times writes:

[Nokia] plots its message on the future of mobile technology from Nokia House. The idea, says Antti Vasara, vice president for corporate strategy, is to change the perception of how we use the Internet. Where we now get content from a range of gateways desktop computers, handheld devices, TV set-top boxes Nokia is working to make mobile the “one way the dominant way to access it.”

That would make access to the Internet and all that implies available anytime from virtually any place, as seen in the example of Japanese users who wave their high-tech phones in front of a vending machine to charge a can of pop or a bag of chips to their phone bill.

At Nokia, a company that has virtually no landlines, signs of this concept underscore the showpieces in the demonstration room. There, phones interact with TVs, pictures post directly from the phone to an online blog, and another technology allows you to listen and interact with local radio stations.

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Rajesh Jain

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