RSS to SMS for Notification

[via Smart Mobs] Marshall Kirkpatrick writes:

The world today is clearly threatened by information overload, but that’s far from the worst problem we face. The right tools for dealing with the barrage of information available can help us deal with the long list of other, more frightening problems facing humanity.

One new class of tools will do just that – by delivering new items in any RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed to your mobile device by SMS or to your IM client. (If RSS is new to you, there are intro links at the end of this post.)

What does that mean? It means that you can receive automatic near-real-time notification on your phone of, for example, any new internet search results for a query you’ve set up, any press releases or media statements from corporate or government adversaries or allies, or notification of any other new information that you’ve set one of these tools to be constantly looking for. Look once and subscribe. This does not require computer programming skills; it’s only as new as e-mail was a decade ago.

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