Video Ads Exchange

MarketWatch writes:

Google Inc. will be letting anyone — from Coke, General Motors, to your local plumber, physician, and you — create an advertisement no longer than two-minutes and upload it onto the search engine’s site. You must become a Google AdWords client (takes minutes to sign up) before you can submit a video ad by uploading it onto Google. As an advertiser, you can then bid to be placed across online publications — like niche blogs — that might find your video relevant.

For those who have any doubt about how much video advertising will be created and viewed, think again.

Videos will come from people and places unimaginable. Are we going to see passionate college students create ideological campaigns and target political blogs? Will Swedish nannies start creating ads about their services and target blogs that only attracts readers who can afford such luxuries? If the potential salary covers the cost of their ad spend, which it might, why not? Last year, I predicted that users would be creating commercials. With that creative power in their hands, anything is possible.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.