Nokia’s Plans

The Economist writes about Nokia’s new CEO and his plans:

As Mr Ollila steps down on June 1st, however, he hands his successor, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, the difficult task of leading Nokia into new markets as the distinction between mobile phones and other consumer-electronics devices becomes increasingly blurred.

As the leader in mobile phones, Nokia now has to take a broader view of the market, he believes. Comparison with our own industry is not adequate any more, he says. We need to look at this in a much wider way. The rise of the camera-phone means that Nokia now sells more cameras than anyone else does, for example, and advanced handsets often also include music-playing, video-recording and computing (including e-mail). Mr Kallasvuo does not mention names, but his drift is clear: rather than just comparing itself with rival handset-makers such as Motorola or Samsung, Nokia now considers its competitors to be Apple, Sony, Canon and other consumer-electronics firms. The convergence of internet and media content is happening in the way everyone predicted four or five years ago, he says. We are more and more competing against other people, against new types of competitors. We are all converging.

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