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800-CEO-READ Blog blogs a talk given by Chris Anderson, who is coming out with a book on “The Long Tail” later this year. Chris outlined the reasons he started a blog:

1. To Own the Meme – he wanted “The Long Tail” to be associated with him
2. Feed the Meme – He believe that the blog allows the discussion to continue after the initial Wired article. He show this chart from Google Trends and how the blog’s launch boosted search query. I agreed with this idea wholeheartedly, but I am not sure I buy the causation he was selling.
3. Fill The Dead Space between Article and Book – I can think of a zillion books that have started as articles and become books and this idea of keeping the idea alive and evolving is huge.
4. Tap Into Distributed Intelligence and Research – Anderson says his blog readers made the book better.
5. Beta Test/Peer Review – Anderson comes from the sciences and he says it is unheard of that you would not challenge an idea before publication. Companies don’t release software with beta testing. He felt vetting ideas on the blog was important part of the process.
6. Generate Book Buzz – He knows he has a core audience and believes they will buy the book and lead others to do the same.

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