Search and Databases Convergence

Ramesh Jain writes:

The success of search engines made people forget about navigation. If search can give results very fast why worry about navigation? For some time this was good. But then people started getting impatient with the quality of results given by search engines even by Google. People realized that words are ambiguous and word based search engines work well in shallow cases, but as soon as one requires some depth, their inadequacy is painfully obvious. On one hand search engines are trying to develop techniques that will allow deeper searches by understanding the documents better. On the other hand, people want to take results of a shallow search engine and use clustering or other techniques to provide some depth to search results. As usual, some researchers dont like the imprecision in clustering results, they would rather use human knowledge for organizing all knowledge or information and develop more powerful multidimensional navigation techniques. Again facets may come into picture here. But there is something else that could be very interesting. One could also learn to apply some database techniques, particularly from OLAP area (On Line Analytical Processing) to develop dynamic facet based navigational techniques. One more thing, one can also use information visualization and search in this faceted environment to guide a user about what direction the user should go in her navigation.

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Rajesh Jain

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