Baidu’s Services

Baidu is China’s largest search engine. MarketWatch

Baidu Knows is considered a knowledge exchange, an emerging catchphrase that essentially describes a site where people can ask questions and provide answers. Simply put, they exchange knowledge.

Baidu offers virtual points to encourage users to provide quality answers. The points go toward virtual promotions, like manager, senior director and president. The more points a person gets, the higher their virtual position.

Baidu Postbar is a place where users can type in a query, say “Beanie Baby,” and then land on a message board about Beanie Babies.

Essentially, Baidu Postbar is a way to find fresh buzz about what you’re interested in.

And most recently, Baidu launched Baidu-pedia, a Chinese version of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

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Rajesh Jain

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