Nintendo’s Wii

The New York Times writes:

Trying to attract new fans and win back a growing population of lapsed players, the company is on an almost evangelical mission to rescue video games from the clutches of the sunlight-deprived, testosterone-addled, slightly gamy demographic group that has come to rule the gaming world. And the instrument of Nintendo’s mission is called the Wii (pronounced we, not why).

“We wanted to change the image that people have when you think of someone playing a video game,” Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s creative director (and the creator of the famed Donkey Kong, Mario and Zelda franchises) said during an interview at E3. “There is always this image where you think of a young person holding a controller in two hands kind of in a darkened room with the light of the TV shining on his face, and it’s not a very positive image. We really wanted to break that by creating this interface that would allow people to be much more active.”

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