Bitty Browser and Wampad

Richard MacManus writes about both:

I’ve come across two nifty apps recently that demonstrate a couple of neat things: 1) mobile web utility, and 2) integration with other web services. Both of those things are becoming increasingly important on the Web.

The first app is called Bitty Browser and you may’ve come across it recently on other blogs. It’s described by developer Scott Matthews as being “a little browser that you can add to most any Web page”. I must admit at first I didn’t get why one would want a mini browser inside your main browser. Scott explained: “Bitty is based on two principles: 1) that conventional page-to-page navigation is useful, and, 2) that people like to build Web documents out of discrete blocks (an ad, a calendar, a list of links, etc.). So, my suggestion is that navigation *within* a page can be useful too.”

Wampad is a mobile web service that is much like a ‘personalized start page’ for your mobile phone. It has a drop-down list of web services like Google, MySpace, Shopping, Flickr, Technorati, etc – all optimized for the mobile browser. Now to be honest if that was all Wampad had to offer, it’d be little different from most other mobile web ‘portals’.

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