Red Herring on India 2.0

[via ContentSutra] Red Herring has a story on how “Indias largest tech companies, coders to the world, are racing to create their own products.”

Now that Indian IT companies have surplus cash to burn on research and development, they are setting their sights on creating their own innovative products and services. They are hiring top-flight researchers and product managers, and are buying up companies at home and abroad to boost their product portfolios. But it will take time for the worlds largest outsourcing companies to morph into hothouses of innovation.

Take TCS, which is currently working on projects that could make some of its most profitable businesses redundant. Researchers at its center in Pune, a city in western India, are building artificial intelligence software that, once perfected, would be able to sift through a companys millions of email messages, memos, and other documents to detect knowledge the company may not know it possesses. A whole call center can be transformed with automated tools, says Mr. Ramadorai. A 1,000-person, voice-activated call center can be shrunk to one staffed with 10 people delivering the same results.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.