Jeff Pulver and Internet Video

WSJ writes about Jeff Pulver, who is “well known in the telecom world for his evangelism on behalf of Internet calling.”

Mr. Pulver is creating his own Internet TV show, which he is modeling on Rocketboom, a popular Internet video-blog that broadcasts a three-minute news show daily. He is considering launching a broader Internet TV subsidiary and is weighing whether to invest in several emerging Internet video companies, though he won’t name them. Someday he wants to start an Internet reality TV show.

These days, though, he is most interested in companies that are allowing consumers to get the TV and video they want without turning to broadcast or cable providers.

The revolution this time, he says, isn’t coming from small upstarts, as was the case with Internet calling, but primarily from established media and tech giants. He points to a variety of developments, ranging from Google Inc.’s video service, which provides easy online access to content from a range of providers, to Walt Disney Co.’s decision to offer Internet downloads of some of its most popular shows.

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Rajesh Jain

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