[via Anish] Thomas Anglero writes:

In brief, Utilicom is the emergence of the only global industry with more money, political importance (the US is currently fighting a war to protect it) and arrogance to usurp the global Telecommunication industry without realizing that that small bump it just drove-over was the death of a 150 year-old industry. Utilicom is the emergence of the Utility companies upon the world stage of communication.

The Energy companies are the Poseidons of Utilicom. While Telecom companies focus on M&A of each other, the Energy companies will allow this to transpire because its a waste of capital and is clearly unnecessary. This was proven last week by Orange UK (France Telecom) who threw-down the gauntlet on broadband DSL and unlimited nationwide calling by practically giving it away (about $9 USD) to anyone willing to be an Orange UK mobile subscriber.

Let me repeat this, a mobile company just gave away the income stream of every fixed-line incumbent Telco on the planet earth for $9 and simultaneously created new mindshare in the market that the essence of value has shifted from one domain to another. This “Value apocalypse” will be the primary premise by which your Utility company will utilize to establish itself as your primary energy and communications company.

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