Trading Card Game

WSJ writes about Chaotic:

The company that helped bring Pokmon and Yu-Gi-Oh! to the U.S. is trying to create another trading-card sensation for the 7- to 12-year-old crowd — this time in cyberspace.

New York-based 4Kids Entertainment Inc., along with partners Apex Marketing and Draco Ltd., are expected to announce the launch of Chaotic, a game in which players use trading cards to battle each other. But in this case, the physical cards can also be transformed into online digital versions that create more variations on the game, in which players duel each other by morphing into giant bulls, dragons and other monsters.

Here’s how it works: Each trading card is imprinted with a 15-digit alphanumeric code that allows users to manage and play their cards online. Each card represents a character, location or spell. Typing in the codes on Chaotic’s Web site creates a unique digital version of each playing card.

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