Atanu Dey’s Story

Hindustan Times profiled my colleague, Atanu Dey, recently:

Economic development is a cause and consequence of urbanisation. The urbanisation of 700 million people of rural India through migration to the cities is impossible, and so is the urbanisation of 600,000 villages where they live. RISC attempts to urbanise the rural population and do so without the insanity of keeping them confined to tiny villages.

RISC involves the creation of rural hubs across India, each catering to a population of about 100 villages, so that the hub is no more than a bicycle-commute away for people in the villages. The hubs will have state-of-the-art infrastructure including 247 electricity, broadband connectivity, security and sanitation. Sound like a tall order? Maybe, but according to Dey it is achievable.

And how does Dey contribute at this point? From the sound of it, a lot of spade work. Strategic business consulting, talking to companies in the private as well public sector, talking to people in the ministry of Information Technology, evangelising… he rattles off. And then of course, there is the School-in-a-box project Deys attempt at reinventing the educational system.

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