[via Yuvaraj] John Cooper writes:

MNN seeks to avoid the old ways and costs of incumbent or new entrant telcos, cable providers, wireless, or satellite companies by charting a new course. Providing back office functionality, MNN is a Systems Integrator & Managed Service Provider for communities, negotiating long-term service relationships with the community cooperatives it helps to create.

MNN’s business approach is its unique advantage: aligning a new business model to match new wireless broadband technologies and markets that have lower budgets or lower risk tolerance. Instead of criticizing traditional telecom companies for not extending their markets to rural or low-income areas, why not imagine what a more appropriate business model would look like for such hard-to-serve markets?

Departing from the traditional view of telecommunication networks as large complex network infrastructures, instead seeking the smallest, simplest network possible enables a different perspective, indeed, a paradigm shift.

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Rajesh Jain

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