Mobile Web Dreams

WSJ writes: “Too many of the Internet’s more-advanced functions still aren’t truly mobile. Sure, the Net is exploding with wonders and is increasingly good at offering local information — but for our purposes those wonders remain largely caged in PCs and laptops. Sit at your computer and you can study up on bars in the West Village, Revolutionary War landmarks in lower Manhattan or Chelsea antique stores. But take that knowledge out into the real world and you’ll probably be stuck with scrawled notes or a sheaf of printouts — which instantly become useless if there’s a change in plans or you come across something unexpected in your travels. After researching and planning online, being cut off from the Net is painful: It’s as if your home and office PCs are air pockets you wind up swimming between, hoping you can hold your breath long enough.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.