Mobile Messaging

C. Enrique Ortiz writes:

There are two major messaging usage patterns – deferred communication (SMS, MMS, e-mail), and direct communication (IM). There are other adjectives used to describe this kind of usage patterns such as “offline or passive” for SMS/MMS/e-mail, and “active, dynamic or real-time” for IM. But in both cases, from the mobile perspective, it is about small bursts of person-to-person communication (messages), and the related immediate and/or deferred interactions. But what will change from the perspective of mobile messaging usage patterns is the addition of “new” bits of data, new media, and enhancements that include presence, location, multimedia, general social aspects (user-generated content, groups, invites, sharing), and context-based messaging, that when all combined will enhance the general mobile messaging user experience. This next level of messaging will be driven by the “usage patterns” and “user experience” themselves, and not the underlying protocols – the network is second.

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Rajesh Jain

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