Carlo Longino writes:

What YouTube and its flock of imitators have done for embedding video on MySpace sites and other blogs, Mojungle hopes to do with mobile content. Sure, users could put video on their sites before, but YouTube made it easy same concept here. Mobile users email in videos or pictures from their handset, then paste in a link to their Mojungle flash player on their site (as Ive done here), and the content is displayed in a slideshow format. Users can also insert links to individual pictures and videos, should they wish.

What I like about this approach is that Mojungles focus is simple: make this product, which does one thing, do that thing as well as it can. Theyre not trying to take over the social-networking space, theyre not offering an exclusionary, closed-down service that only works for certain people. If youve got a capable phone and a web page somewhere, on any service, youre good to go. Actually, it appears users dont even need a phone, as items can be submitted by email as well.

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Rajesh Jain

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