VCs in India

Vishesh Kumar writes:

Remember the last bubble and the India funds that didnt go anywhere? No doubt, many tourist VCs will get burnt in India- much as they will in China. Still, the bold India strategies of some top US VC firms should be noted. And each one of the top tier firms is using their own different twist in discovering opportunities in India.

Norwests Pramod Haque has been the venture communitys most ardent drum beater about the importance of startups having an India game plan from day one. Thats a message he has been hammering home going on some four years now. But while the monomaniacal focus on capital efficiency may have been the call to arms back in the lean days of 2002, Norwest is now well positioned to take advantage of a different upside. They are even planning to open an office in India now.

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Rajesh Jain

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