VoIP over WiFi

Tom Evslin writes:

Heres the rub for the cellular industry: when these phones log on in a hotspot, they can become VoIP phones as in free or very cheap calling, as in Skype. Telco have invested their typical borrowed billions in wireless frequency auctions and in so-called 3G services. These investments were made on the premise that wireless prices for voice and some services would stay astronomically high compared to landline and Internet connections. Whoops. You can hear the write-offs and bankruptcies coming!

# WiFi support in mobile phones will wipe out the distinction between the mobile phone and the home phone (about time!). When you are in your house, your phone will be logged into your home WiFi and become your home phone.

# WiFi support in mobile phones will shift the balance of power from the big wireless operators to the cellphone hardware and software makers. Phones will be purchased independently of calling plans just as computers are purchased independent of Internet connectivity arrangements. Coupons for access may be included with phones instead of phones being included with calling plans. Why? Because voice calling will be too cheap to meter and hardware will still cost something.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.