Must-Win Battles

Knowledge@Wharton has an excerpt from “Must-Win Battles: How to Win Them, Again and Again.”

Lesson 2: The most successful MWBs are those that tap into the groups’ aspirations and inspire everyone to do things differently.

Early in the book, we stressed that must-win battles should make a real difference, be market focused, be tangible, and be winnable. These things are indeed important. But we also said that a well-chosen MWB is one that has the potential to create excitement in the organization. Our conclusion now, after several years of working with MWB teams, is that choosing MWBs that can create organizational excitement is probably the single most important success factor. Excitement leads to commitment, and commitment leads to success. The MWBs themselves almost become “brands” within the organization — not just slogans, but the tangible means by which the group is going to win together.

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Rajesh Jain

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