Niche Blogs and Long Tail of Content

Mike Rundle of 9rules writes:

At 9rules, were not interested in the hits, were interested in the best niche content. Many blog networks start new blogs on technology, gadgets, and gossip not because theyre bringing a fresh perspective or brand new content to the arena but because theyre emulating existing blogs on those topics that they consider to be hits, or, blogs like Engadget, Techdirt, or The Superficial. The problem with emulating existing hits is that they are hits for more reasons than just their content, in fact Id say that most of the Technorati 100 are on there because of external factors that have nothing to do with their content.

On the Web there are millions of choices for content, and the people who consume this content dont care if its coming from a 14-year old in Germany or The Pope himself, as long as 1) its interesting to them, and 2) its of a high quality. Look at how much time people spend browsing through YouTube videos or reading MySpace profiles compared to how many hours of TV they watch or how many newspapers they read, thats the sign right there that in this near-infinite supply of content readily available, consumers will find the content they like the best and not what other people *tell them* is the best. This Long Tail of content consumption on the Net is where blogs fit in perfectly, because no matter how obscure your content subject or niche, there will always be an audience looking for your content.

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Rajesh Jain

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