Mobile Ad Targeting

MediaPost has an interview with Tom Burgess, CEO of Third Screen, the largest mobile ad network. Excerpts:

Burgess: We see the industry as being at a critical threshold. Specifically, we see 4Q06 and 1Q07 as a time when advertisers will, for the first time, be able to track unique users. Carriers never had a reason to track user behavior except for billing purposes. Over the past month or two, there’s been the beginning of what feels like a sea change. We now are seeing tier-one carriers ready to leverage unique user ID data to collect information about content usage… by unique user number. So for the first time [there’s] data about exactly where and how mobile users are spending their time, information carriers have had but never aggregated in advertiser-friendly form. If you’re tracking by unique user ID, you now know when and where you’re reaching a specific consumer, so can begin to use frequency caps so advertisers can better target timing and avoid extraneous placements.

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Rajesh Jain

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