New Search Engines

Kevin Maney of USA Today writes about Scott Jones:

His new search engine, called ChaCha, is an elaborate system that’s supposed to route most searches through human “expert” searchers. These people are employed at home (or anywhere) by ChaCha in an Amway-like structure. Experts who recruit other experts get a slice of their recruits’ earnings.

If you type “beagle” into the query box on ChaCha, you’re supposed to see an IM-like chat box pop up with a live person asking whether you’re looking for dogs, the Beagle computer worm, or Charles Darwin’s boat. (All three appear on the first page or two of Google’s results for “beagle.”) The expert is then supposed to know how to find better and deeper information about your chosen topic, so you find what you need in less time.

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Rajesh Jain

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