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[via Veer] TamsPalm-the Palm OS Blog writes:

Eventually, technologies like GPRS became available – however, their adoption was slowed down by the high initial pricing(in fact, many german users kept on using CSD many years after the GPRS introduction for financial reasons). Add in UMTS or EDGE, and also the lower prices, and you now have wireless data transfer systems that are capable to handle Skype and Shoutcast streams.

People love radio because of a simple reason: it always is available, and it provides you with no-frills music. You just tune into a station and have fun . At least, thats the ideal imagination. In reality, radio has a few shortcomings:

* You cant choose what songs you get
* Transmission quality is instable

Now, if a provider could bundle up something like Napsters music flatrate with an unlimited data transfer package and a decent shoutcast player on a mobile phone, they could essentially offer custom radio to their customers.

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