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Read/Write Web writes about ZapTXT:

With the messy demise of PubSub, I’ve been looking for a decent keyword and topic subscription service to replace it. ZapTXT could very well meet my requirements, except for the odd fact that it doesn’t output in RSS (more on that below). You can currently only receive alerts as an email, IM or SMS.

Other than being sans RSS, ZapTXT’s latest release does offer a range of good features. You can now create a monitoring task across multiple feeds or URLs for specific keywords – they call this “task monitoring”, as opposed to per feed monitoring. It also enables you to refine your feedset for any given keyword search, there’s a Zap It! bookmarklet for your browser, a publisher ‘chicklet’ to allow bloggers to let their users receive notifications on interesting topics, nice OPML import/export options, a tag based system around feeds, and more powerful search (for example create a ZapTask using your trusted feeds with Apple, Cisco, Microsoft AND upgrade, downgrade, merger as keywords. You’ll get an alert every time any of these companies make the headlines for an upgrade, downgrade or merger).

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