Orkut and Dodgeball

Richard MacManus thinks Google will merge both of them:

1) Social networking has been the biggest thing going in 2006 (MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, etc). And it looks like mobile will be big next year. So SNS + Mobile seems the logical sequel.

2) There is also the trend of meta-social networks, like Marc Canter’s PeopleAggregator. It was actually the latest New Scientist magazine which rang a little bell in my mind about this. An article called Living Online: This is your space (full article not online yet unfortunately) concluded by saying that an individual’s identity will be managed by a meta-network, which we will carry with us “in small wireless devices so that our virtual identities become seamlessly integrated with the real world.” That online/offline balance is one of the main things mobile Web has going for it. So meta-SNS + Mobile is another trend I think we’ll see emerge…

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