Mobile Life Youth Report 2006

Smart Mobs quotes from some of the findings of the YouGov survey of British residents:

Starting age of mobile phone ownership:51% of 10 year olds and 70% of 11 year olds own
a mobile phone (see bar chart for full age profile)
Number of mobiles: 14% of people have two or more mobile phones that they use regularly
Number of calls: On average people make 2.8 calls a day
Number of texts: On average people send 3.6 text messages a day
Phone replacement: 70% of people replaced their mobile phone within the last 18 months
PAYG vs contract: Of people who own their own mobile phones (as opposed to having
a company phone) 48% have PAYG and 52% have monthly contracts
Choosing a mobile: When choosing a mobile phone, the most important factor for people
phone is function ( 31%), price ( 29%) and style ( 16%)

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