Second Life

Jon Udell writes about the metaverse:

You build Second Life objects using two-dimensional gestures that render in a simulated 3-D space. I used to be handy with 3-D CAD software, and let me tell you, that third dimension is a doozy.

If you havent tried Second Life yet, youll spend your first hour just learning to walk, jump, fly, teleport, and look around. Because the camera can track your avatar or move independently of it, looking around can be quite a complex affair. The camera has a record button, by the way, so you can shoot movies of everything from any point of view.

Once youre fairly comfortable moving around, you can try your hand at building some stuff. After youve conjured up a few shapes and stretched, tilted, textured, cloned, and stacked them, youll begin to appreciate the staggering amounts of time and effort that your fellow residents have invested in the bridges, waterfalls, castles, and richly detailed interiors theyve built everywhere. And youll also begin to see how these virtual artifacts can command real-world prices.

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